About Me

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I was born in the Netherlands but have lived the last 18 years in Romania, Russia and Hungary. Most of these years I lived in Romania where I also stayed from November 1985 until July 1986. All in all I have spent close to 15 years in Romania. Since 2002 I am president and CEO of Raiffeisen Bank Romania, one of the largest banks in the country.

Like most people, I like to be successful at what I am doing, while maintaining a reasonable balance in life. All of my professional life I have worked in banking. The constant factors in my private life are my family, sports and photography.

I am married to Valeria Racila, Olympic Champion in the single sculls (rowing) in 1984 at the Los Angeles Olympic Games.  I am a former Olympian myself, also a rower but not as successful as my wife. I did participate in 2 world championships and the 1984 Olympic Games. And in case you wondered, yes, that is how we met.

Besides being CEO of a large bank, I am part of both local and international communities. I have also friends that are professionals or that own small companies. I pay regular visits to branches and clients all over the country and also like to visit different parts of the country in my spare time. I speak the language. All of this gives me a quite multi faceted perspective of the country and that helps to shape my views.

So, international, banking and sport are three important dimensions in my life, but geographically speaking I am zooming in on Romania.

Besides being the president and CEO of Raiffeisen Bank Romania I am involved in several organizations and initiatives, including:

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