Back on the Road

by Steven van Groningen on 26 September, 2014

Comebacks are risky and, more often than not, they refer to ambition rather than achievement. After 18 months of absence, my ambition is to post at least twice a month on my blog again. I hope this will also translate into achievement.

Why I stopped

The easy answer is: not enough time. This is not really an answer, but a way of saying that there were other things more important. Although I enjoy the process of writing blog posts, it does take a bit of time. Time that I cannot use for other things. The last years I spent quite some time on activities with the Foreign Investors Council and, more recently, the Coalition for the Development of Romania, as well as some other activities outside the bank. I felt this was not only necessary, but also my obligation to do so. Now it is up to others to take their turn and I want to spend more time on other things, including my blog.

What has changed?

Before restarting I asked a few people whose opinion I value for input, and I decided to change a few things. The most obvious change is that my new posts will also be in Romanian. I like to think that my Romanian is pretty good, but I still find it easier to write in English, so that is what I’ll keep doing. Someone will help me translate them into Romanian.

What has remained the same?

Nothing has changed about the reasons I started my blog in the first place. I still feel I have things to say and prefer to say them directly, using my own words. Real dialogue about important issues in Romania is still lacking and I want to share my opinion in the hope to contribute. This doesn’t mean that I’ll only write about serious issues. I’ll write about what I feel too and this blog will stay a mix between banking-related and more personal topics. I’ll try to write about things that interest me or about subjects where I feel that a contribution to a discussion is needed. Sometimes I’ll write to clarify my own point of view and to force myself to think things through to the end. At times I’ll write because I want to get something out of my system.

Social media

Not only have I revived my blog, I have also revisited my presence on other social networks. There also I needed to take a break and reflect upon my experience. It wasn’t fun opening Facebook to find endless invitations to play @$%&? games, to like pages (925 as of today), respond to messages (24) and manage friend requests (999). LinkedIn is not much better with 431 pending invitations. I’ll need to get this sorted out as well.

I apologise to those that tried to get in contact with me through social media. I simply couldn’t manage the flow and have had to archive a lot of messages and requests without looking at them. I am moving as much as possible over to my Facebook page and will not be active on my account anymore.

One more thing…

Another thing that has not changed: please don’t try to use this blog to address issues that concern my employer. I would like to keep things separate and if you want to get in contact with me or the bank about bank related matters, please use the designated channels for this.

I look forward to the continuation of my journey and am curious to see where my blogging will take me.

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Minimalist Român September 26, 2014 at 18:18

Bine ați revenit!
Lipsa de timp este boala modernă și este cancerigenă. Efectiv.
Am așteptat ceva vreme revenirea, dar a meritat. Sper că sunteți bine-sănătos. Poate că puțin minimalism n-ar strica în viața Dvs. Este doar o părere.
Fără intenția de a părea arogant vă recomand un singur articol extrem de scurt –
Sau două :
Vă doresc succes în continuare și aștept cu interes scrierile Dvs.
Minimalist Român


Steven van Groningen September 27, 2014 at 14:47

Nu sunt un caz total pierdut unde este vorba de minimalism. Sunt deja (aproape) vegan si nu ma uit la televizior niciodata


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