Bucharest Marathon, Ex Post

by Steven van Groningen on 17 October, 2010

In my previous post I wrote about my plans and preparation for the Bucharest Marathon. In this post I’ll share my experience. A disclaimer first. The marathon is organized by my wife and my employer is the main sponsor

Woke up at 6 as planned. Had a bad night by my standards, but a heartrate of 42 shows I am rested. Weight 86,1 KG, bit low, usually weight goes up a bit over the last few days because of less training, glycogen storage and hydratation. I’ll make sure to drink constantly until the start. My lower back is giving some trouble and I am also not happy about the temporaty filling that came out yesterday. The dentis said it would be temporary, but this was a bit faster than I bargained for. Has breakfast with Valeria and off to the start. Here the usual activity of athletes that just arrived from other parts of the country registring,sponsors setting up their stands, organizers, police, volunteers 200 of them, etc making sure that everything works out. I like this atmosphere.

I kept found  a quiet palace in the Raiffeisen unit and

I ran a good race, finished in 3:51, well within the bandwith.

Overall I am happy with my result, not very fast but very steady and at no moment did I have any difficulty. There are two thinks I experiments with and that I am happy about.

The fist is a higher energy intake. I took 5 packets of gel, each on 45 gr ad 27 gr Carbohydrates. I pretty sure this helped to keep me going. In the past I would ususally get into serious problems after the 28 km mark, no this time

Here a link to a video

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Vlad October 19, 2010 at 12:04

Congratulations Steven for a good marathon. And congratulations to Valeria for a successful edition. I’ve heard lots of positive feedback from my friends who participated.

It’s great that running is picking up in Bucharest and the marathon is the perfect event to encourage that and reward the hard work of the runners.


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