Twenty Years Of Apple

by Steven van Groningen on 12 October, 2011

A few weeks ago, when I pulled my MacBook Air out of my bag someone said something like: “Ahaa, so you too have converted to Apple?” I was slightly offended by the remark which was probably not intended to be derogatory. Apparently bankers are not supposed to have Apple computers. The death of Steve Jobs made me reflect on my loyalty towards Apple (and a few other things I am not going to write about)

Twenty Years Of Apple

My first experience with Apple goes back all the way to 1983. A friend of mine lent me his Apple II for a while. As a student and later on the salary of my first job I couldn’t afford an Apple and worked both in the office and at home on a PC. In 1991 I joined the think tank of a large consulting company where everybody had Apple computers. I could pick whatever computer I wanted and opted for the brand new PowerBook 170. I never looked back.

All the work I have done advisor for the NBR in 1993 was written on the PowerBook 170.  Later the majority of the documentation needed to set up ABN AMRO Bank (Romania) SA was written on the same computer. I still have it. Later, for other jobs in Romania, Russia and Hungary I insisted on using Apple. And now, at Raiffeisen, I also use Apple. It became a sort of condition from me to be able to use Apple for my work. When you are the CEO (or COO or Head of IT as were the cases in the past) it is probably easier to ask for this. So, I have been a loyal Apple user for over 20 years.  PowerBooks were followed by MacPros, Apple Cinema Displays, iPods, AirPorts, Apple TV and iPhones.

I Don’t Understand It Myself

Personally, at times, I am surprised myself about my almost unconditional loyalty towards Apple. I cannot think of any other brand that I feel so attached to. I love my Nikon cameras  and lenses and would never consider changing to another brand (yes, I know, it is a Leica in my picture on the About Me page) but it is not the same. I will always choose Campagnolo parts for my racing bikes, but it’s still not the same.

It is not so that I immediately need the latest model of any Apple product. I am still using the first version of the iPad and haven’t felt the need to buy the latest. I am not religious about using Apple either and switched from Apple’s Aperture to Adobe’s Lightroom (still feel a bit guilty though) I am also not militant about it. If others prefer to torture themselves, that is their business. I don’t fully understand where my loyalty comes from. There is definitely more to it than the fact that Apple has excellent products.

Life After Steve Jobs

I have never met Steve Jobs, I have seen videos of his product launches and have read about him. I admire his achievements and agree with a lot of what he said. I gave a book about him – “The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs” – to our senior staff in order to challenge  and stimulate them. I admire Steve Jobs in the way you can only admire people you don’t know.

It was sad to hear of his death. Will it change my loyalty to Apple? I very much hope not and don’t expect so but time will tell. It is up to Apple to maintain their standards and values and this is one of the few things only the CEO can do. Some would argue this is the most important responsibility of the CEO. I would agree and believe this is something that is not always understood. Maybe I’ll write about this some other time. First I need to put in my order for a new iPhone 4S!

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Calin October 12, 2011 at 20:19

I first used an Apple in 1994 when I was in USA for one year to work and to travel. Just before that, in spring I saw for the first time a win 3.1 computer so I was amazed by the windows thing, because until then I worked a bit just under MS DOS environment and Word Perfect. Using Apple was easy and did not need a manual.
In ’98 and ’99 I was reading about Apple in the Romanian IT magazines and the company was fighting for surviving and I was really sorry about them because somehow I knew they did not deserve that fate.

All in all, in 2002 I started to talk with a loud voice about Apple and most of my friends were laughing at me, and considered me almost stupid of how could I be delighted by a product which was more expensive for no reason than other PC based computers.

In 2006 I bought a PoweBook G4 with a Motorola ir IBM processor, 17 inches display, and after 2 weeks I wanted to sell the thing. Why? Because it gave me a lot of headache in figuring out how to configure it, like networks and other easy thing. After a while I realized that my mind was at fault because it was used with complicated procedures under WIN XP, when in fact Mac was so easy to configure that gave you trouble.

Nowadays I only can smile in my mind of seeing people in love about Apple and cannot forget the days I was made fool of because of the bitten fruit.


Luminita October 13, 2011 at 19:09

In ultimele zile am citit foarte multe lucruri despre Steve Jobs si Apple! Neavand interes si pregatire in domeniul IT decat tangential si firesc pt orice persoana care utilizeaza aceste device-uri in scopuri elementare, recunosc ca acest subiect nu mi se parea interesant! Insa biografia si activitatea acestui om m-a fascinat! Nu poti sa ai alta atitudine fata de el decat de admiratie si respect. Un vizionar, un om care a reusit sa transforme in realitate tot ce si-a propus. Cati dintre noi reusesc asa ceva? Eu n-am reusit,dar sper! Nu mi-a placut niciodata marketingul,iar oamenii de vanzari ma scot din sarite pt ca toti folosesc tehnici de vanzare stupide si au impresia ca onor clientul va cumpara doar pt ca sunt impresionati de ei, excedand nevoia. Insa Jobs a avut viziunea de a alege elementele potrivite la momentul potrivit si de a investi enorm de multi bani in marketing! Practic, Apple a fost salvata in urma unor strategii de marketing extrem de eficiente!!! Parafrazandu-l, imi permit sa spun si eu iSad, iar restul e tacere… Rest in iPeace, Steve Jobs! Astept cu interes aparitia iPhone 5, primul device Apple pe care cu siguranta mi-l voi achizitiona din respect fata de o asemenea personalitate. Sa nu ma acuzati de sentimentalism sau, Doamne fereste, de ipocrizie, ca ma supar…


Luminita October 14, 2011 at 19:01

Bill Gates are laptop APPLE !!! Oaaauuu… Un roman care lucreaza intr-unul dintre centrele de cercetare MICROSOFT spune ca sistemele Apple vor fi intotdeauna mai bune, pt ca de exemplu o noua versiune Windows se lucreaza pe bucati in mai multe locuri din lume si cand se pun cap la cap iese vraiste! La Apple totul se face intr-un singur loc din lumea asta de catre aceeasi echipa cu o singura viziune! In ceea ce priveste iPhone 4S, costa maxim 300 USD, nu 500 de EUR! Aceste informatii pe mine m-au uluit si m-au convins definitiv sa achizitionez produse Apple! Prin urmare, nu doar reclama si ambalajul vinde produsul,ci si CALITATEA! Iata de ce Steve Jobs e/a fost genial. Ma inclin…


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